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The Blue Pearl project was initiated by a group of experienced executives from the energy sector eager to develop a European platform for B2B energy services (covering Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Central Europe).

The Blue Pearl project aims to bring together complementary small and medium size companies (SMEs) in energy services to offer more comprehensive solutions, with genuine long-term energy  performance commitments and with the ability to finance equipment on behalf of customers.

The ambition is to create an alternative player, influential thanks to its shared expertise, financially sound, and at the same time very responsive and close to its customers, by preserving the operational autonomy of the companies joining our project.

The project involves the share capital acquisition of local and dynamic enterprises with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, via the support of an infrastructure fund.

Owners and managers of acquired companies continue to manage their business and serve their customers, while actively contributing to the development of the Blue Pearl transformation project.

In this way, we provide our customers with the strength of a large group combined with the proximity and responsiveness of a SME.

Our business

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning)

Energy efficiency

Energy Management & Monitoring


Combined Heat & Power

District Heating & Cooling networks

Electrical engineering


Our services

We develop tailored solutions with our clients, enabling them to improve their environmental & energy efficiency

  • More global solutions
  • Commitments on performance
  • Long term guarantees
  • Financing schemes


Blue Pearl is supported by experienced regional partners to coordinate the Blue Pearl company platform on a local basis and to identify SMEs with the potential to join our project.


Eric de Seguins


Gautier Germaine











Peter Strycek










Peter Strycek




Blue Pearl’s Management Team

Blue Pearl’s management team is composed of 5 co-founders, former experienced executives in the Energy sector. It is supported bySteering Committee(SteerCo) which gathers the Blue Peal central management team and the managers of the SMEs of the platform. Together, we update Blue Pearl’s strategy and adapt our roadmap, optimizing the coordination between the different entities. The Executive Committee is responsible for fostering development synergies, support between the SMEs of theThe SteerCo  fosters development synergies, cross-support and knowledge sharing between the platform companies. platform and the sharing of know-how and experts.


Jean-Luc Billiani, President & Technical Director of Blue Pearl since 2020. 39 years of experience in the energy services industry in technical, commercial and management positions.

Éric de Seguins Pazzis, Co-founder & CEO of Blue Pearl since 2020. 26 years of experience in the environmental and energy services industry, in marketing, commercial and management positions, in France and internationally.

Sébastien Ugona, Co-founder & EVP Operations of Blue Pearl since 2020. 15 years of experience in the energy services industry in technical, commercial and management positions, in France and internationally.

Frédéric Dardenne, Co-founder & EVP M&A of Blue Pearl since 2020. 27 years of experience in the environmental and energy services industry, in finance, commercial and management positions, in Belgium and internationally.

Gautier Germaine, Co-founder & CFO of Blue Pearl since 2020. 31 years of experience in finance and M&A, both in large companies and SMEs.

Our vision

Our vision

Become the partner of choice for our clients for their energy transition and the employer of choice for those passionate about sustainability & energy efficiency.


To build, with and for our customers, comprehensive and sustainable solutions that are more energy efficient and reduce the environmental impact of their activities by offering :

  • Genuine tailored solutions in collaboration with our clients
  • Complete solutions, from the initial study through to daily management
  • Support for local renewable energy generation (solar PV, solar thermal, biogas, biomass,..)
  • Real long-term performance guarantees
  • Support scheme to finance equipment on behalf of our customers

To develop an efficient and effective networking platform of companies to support our clients with :

  • Greater reactivity thanks to the local presence and knowledge of our partner companies
  • A broad scope of action for our SMEs to allow rapid decision-making
  • Open access to professional knowledge and expertise.

To place people at the heart of our service activities by offering :

  • Dedicated contacts (a single point of contact) for our clients
  • Structured training programs for our employees throughout their careers
  • Empowerment and support for autonomy by trusting the women and men of our SMEs to give the best of themselves
  • Permanent commitment to the health & safety of our teams, our subcontractors and our clients

To help our clients prepare for the future we are :

  • Always alert to innovative solutions
  • Proposing systematically innovative solutions to our customers
  • Ready to co-innovate with our clients to develop new solutions


We trust our teams, our subcontractors and our clients, and our clients trust us too.


We commit to our clients, and our teams carry out their profession with passion.


We assume responsibility with respect to our clients, and we entrust our teams with responsibility to carry out their tasks.

Setting the standard

We set high standards for ourselves, our teams, and our subcontractors to deliver high standards to our clients.