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We offer a full range of energy services covering energy management, studies & audits, design & build, operations & maintenance, as well as financing.

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with the responsiveness of SMEs

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You benefit from the integrity of the Blue Pearl network and the agility of its member companies.

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Our European platform of SMEs gives you access to the best experts in energy management, HVAC and electrical engineering, renewables and CHP.

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customized solutions

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We commit to delivering comprehensive and sustainable energy efficiency solutions that we co-design with you.

Blue Pearl, your partner for a successful energy transition

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At your side from strategic conception to operational implementation.



Save energy with Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solutions


Reduce your energy consumption : implement the Décret Tertiaire !

Energy Performance Contract

For sustainable energy efficiency improvements: Choose an Energy Performance Contract

Do you manage an industrial facility, a collective residential building, a medical institution or a care home, a hotel, restaurant, or office facilities?

Then CHP (Combined Heat & Power) can be an excellent energy efficient solution for you. A system which generates heat and power at the same time can provide 12% to 25% primary energy savings versus traditional systems!

With CHP, we can help you to reduce your energy consumption and energy bill.

We provide complete CHP solutions covering design, installation, operations & maintenance, through to financing your CHP

The Décret Tertiaire (Tertiary Decree) is a French law of 23 July 2019, which applies to commercial buildings with a surface greater than 1,000 m2 imposing strict energy consumption reductions between now and 2050.

Do you manage commercial property, such as offices, commercial centres, communal buildings, hotels, or logistics warehousing, with a surface area greater than 1,000 m2 ?

If so, then under the Décret Tertiaire (Tertiary Decree) of 23 July 2019, you are obliged to reduce your energy consumption by at least 40% from 2030, then by 50% in 2040 and by 60% in 2050, compared to a reference year, and to communicate your energy consumption to the government every year from 2021 onwards. We can provide you with complete energy solutions to implement the tertiary decree, covering initial diagnosis, investigation, implementation and financing of energy efficiency projects, as well as collection and transfer of energy consumption data.

Do you manage buildings or industrial sites? Are you constructing new buildings or process facilities?

If so, the Energy Performance Contract can be an excellent sustainable energy efficiency solution: it’s a turnkey partnership which guarantees the energy performance of your installations over a fixed time period (5 to 15 years), without financing from you, and with guaranteed performance from us.

With the Energy Performance Contract, we can guarantee lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.

We offer you complete energy performance solutions: studies, audits and diagnosis, design and build, operation and maintenance, and financing of your energy installations.

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Blue Pearl Energy, an innovative European platform for B2B energy services, has integrated Ventimeca Group, a French regional leader in the field of HVAC installation & maintenance, into its network of SMEs. This transaction strengthens Blue Pearl's position in the energy services market in France and more particularly in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

Ventimeca Group is the fourth European SME to join the Blue Pearl Energy platform in less than a year, and the second one in France after Alcad, one of the leading HVAC installation & maintenance specialists in the Île-de-France region. Blue Pearl Energy’s innovative business model, which aims to establish a powerful network of SMEs with strong local anchoring, maximum autonomy, and a preserved SME culture, therefore confirms its strong appeal among energy services SME seeking to scale up.

Ylies Keddari, Chairman of Ventimeca Group, explains the reasons for this strategic partnership: “The rapid evolution of the regulatory landscape, as well as the emergence of a need for complete solutions among our customers, require our group to shift gear to meet increased market demands. With Blue Pearl Energy, we now have the means to meet the challenges of tomorrow and ensure our long-term growth, while preserving...

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New website :

26/02/21 Press release

Blue Pearl Energy announces the launch of the website of its Belgium affiliate Cogenfin:

Cogenfin is specialized in the implementation of highly efficient and environmental-friendly combined heat & power projects. Cogenfin is mainly active in the Brussels region and in Wallonia.

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Paris, France, 2 november 2020 - Blue Pearl Energy has announced the launch of its innovative European energy services platform, dedicated to offering comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for public, commercial and industrial buildings. Designed to provide an alternative to large energy companies, Blue Pearl Energy has developed an original business model, whose aim is to create a powerful European network of SMEs specialising in various fields of energy services for private and public sector clients. Supported by global infrastructure investment manager DWS on behalf of one of its funds, the platform has a €600 million investment programme earmarked for the acquisition of some twenty SMEs over a five-year period, with three companies already acquired as of the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Blue Pearl Energy’s investment programme enjoys the financial backing of DWS’ institutional pan-European infrastructure fund, the third in the series. This solid financial footing will enable the platform to acquire SMEs specialising in one or several aspects of B2B energy services throughout France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Central Europe. It will also enable Blue Pearl Energy’s clients to finance their own energy efficiency-related investments.

The Blue Pearl Energy platform aims to bring together SMEs with complementary expertise and...

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Oct 2020


For Collon Enterprise SPRL, which specialises in producing marinades and sauces for meat, most of its activity takes place in cold chambers that consume a high amount of electricity. This is why they selected Coretec Energy to install 600 photovoltaic rooftop panels for its site at Villiers-le-Bouillet, Belgium.

Oct 2020


DFM Immo asked Coretec Energy to install more than 300 rooftop photovoltaic panels on one of its residential services buildings at Tilff. The energy produced by these panels will cover all the electricity needs of the building.

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