Energy Management


Our energy management strategies allow you to reduce your energy bill by up to 20% through:

  • Energy Supply Management, by optimizing your energy supplies
  • Energy Monitoring, through continuous measurement, control and analysis of your energy consumption

Energy Supply Management

We help our customers to improve their energy performance and reduce their costs thanks to our expertise in  the following activities:

Clients :

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Collective housing
  • Industry
  • Office buildings
  • Health
  • Retail
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial centers
  • Data centers
  • Laboratories
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Agriculture

A few references

  • Over 1000+ clients in France & Belgium benefit from our Energy Supply Management services

Reference companies :

Coretec Energy


Blue Pearl Energy offers a personalized and comprehensive support service to help clients optimize the purchase of CO₂ emission allowances (“CO₂ certificates”) under the European ETS mechanism.


With the gradual reduction in free CO₂ quotas, many companies that were in a surplus position on the market are becoming net buyers of CO₂ certificates, which brings along a new set of financial challenges.

Unlike energy purchases, where the price of energy is determined at purchase, but the actual payment deferred at the time of consumption, the payment of CO₂ certificates actually takes place at purchase.

That’s why it’s important for companies to anticipate and spread out their purchases in time, according to certificates redemption deadlines. Last minute purchases can expose businesses to excessive prices in the event of a shortage of certificates on the market, and even trigger steep fines in case of outright failure to redeem certificates to the union registry when they are due.

As an official intermediary licenced to trade CO₂ certificates under the EU ETS scheme through its subsidiary CORETEC Energy, Blue Pearl supports its clients in defining and executing their annual CO₂ certificate buying strategy to reduce the risks and costs associated with this new regulatory environment.

Define and execute a dynamic buying strategy

Blue Pearl Energy offers a dynamic buying strategy, which involves setting up proactive pricing mechanisms aimed at keeping the costs of CO₂ certificates and the associated risks under control.

A transparent buying strategy is based on two key elements: A distribution of purchases across time to reduce price risk, and the use of CAP § FLOORs* on certificate prices as a trigger for price determination.

Each company has unique needs and risk profiles that may vary over time, depending on long-term forecasts and business activity. That’s why the first step is to define, together with the client, the mechanisms necessary for the identification and management of the associated risks and opportunities.

The outcome of the buying strategy depends on the risk profile chosen by the client, and will determine the appropriate time sequences for certificate purchases as well as the partial quantities to be purchased (eg 25%). On this basis, we then develop the mechanism that will be the benchmark for the competitive purchase of CO₂ certificates, according to a well-established protocol allowing us to manage administrative and financial procedures in a completely secure environment.

Finally, to help clients face these new cash flow challenges, Blue Pearl Energy also offers an optional certificate storage service allowing customers to optimise cash flow.


*The cap and the floor are price thresholds defined in advance to protect against sharp drops or increases in the prices of CO₂ certificates on the market.

Optional: Financing service to optimise cash flow

With our partner BNP Paribas Fortis, we can store certificates on behalf of our clients. In practice, we carry the payment of invoices during the intermediate phase which separates the date of purchase and the deadline for the CO₂ certificates redemption on the union registry. This service therefore allows our customers to purchase their certificates in advance in accordance with the agreed strategies, while optimizing their cash flow.

  1. Setting CAP § FLOOR and quantities to purchase (J1 of Q)
  2. CAP § FLOOR triggered: purchase on the spot market
  3. Invoice sent to company
  4. Invoice approval by BNP Factoring
  5. Invoice payment by BNP Factoring
  6. Delivery or storage of certificates on the company’s account
  7. Payment of the company’s invoices to BNP Factoring

X semaines Max. dernier jour du Q : X weeks. Max. Last day of Q
2 semaines : 2 weeks

Our detailed offer

A dynamic buying strategy

  • Personalized service and follow-up:
    • Weekly communication on CO₂ market prices
    • Monthly or quarterly follow-up meetings
    • Monitoring & timely updates on changes to the CO₂ market regulatory framework
  • At each new purchase period: communication on the determination of CAP & FLOOR for the upcoming period
  • Risk diversification by spreading buy orders over time. The more you buy at different times during the year, the closer you get to the annual average.
  • Monitoring of the CO₂ market to identify best buying or selling opportunities
  • At the end of each year: full review of the strategy applied

Executing CO₂ certificate purchases in a secure way

  • Ongoing administrative and financial management of trading operations
  • Trading of certificates to secure optimal certificate prices

Energy Monitoring

We help our customers to improve their energy performance and reduce their costs thanks to our expertise in the following activities:

Reduce your energy consumption : implement the Décret Tertiaire !


  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Collective residential buildings
  • Industry
  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Supermarkets
  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial centers
  • Data centers
  • Laboratories
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Agriculture

A few references

  • Over 1000+ clients in Belgium benefit from our Energy Monitoring services

Reference companies :

Alcad Service, Coretec Energy, CogenGreen