A 10-year energy performance contract with financing of HVAC equipment for Les Comptoirs de la Bio

Our clients
  • Service providers: Blue Pearl Energy and its subsidiary Ventimeca
  • Client: Comptoirs de la Bio
  • Equipment: HVAC equipment (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)
  • Location: Bons-en-Chablais, Haute-Savoie, France
  • Services: Energy performance contract, financing, maintenance, full warranty.

The context

The client, who operates an independent business affiliated with Les Comptoirs de la Bio, has opened a new organic supermarket in Bons-en-Chablais, near Ventimeca’s headquarters, one of the subsidiaries of Blue Pearl Energy in France.

In 2020, the client chose Ventimeca for the installation of its HVAC equipment. In October 2021, a maintenance contract with a “Sale & LeaseBack” option for the HVAC equipment was signed with Blue Pearl Energy.

This is a long-term partnership agreement with the client, within the framework of a 10-year turnkey contract which includes the purchase by Blue Pearl Energy of the Customer’s HVAC equipment, a preventive maintenance contract, as well as full equipment warranty.

The financing offer

As part of the “Sale and Leaseback” model, Blue Pearl Energy bought back the HVAC installation from the client, who then recovered its initial investment. The client continues to use the installation under a rental contract, with maintenance, for a medium to long-term period of time. At the end of the contract, the customer recovers the ownership of his installation.

The “Sale and Leaseback” option is only appropriate if the client has already made the initial investment in its equipment. When the purchase of the equipment has not yet been completed, Blue Pearl Energy can directly finance the installation on behalf of the client. The installation is then operated at the client site under the rental agreement. As with the “Sale and Leaseback” model, the client acquires full ownership, and retains the usage of the equipment, when the contract comes to an end.

Why should you choose to have your installation financed by Blue Pearl Energy?

The third-party financing model enables Blue Pearl Energy’s clients to avoid trapping cash in heavy and long-term equipment purchases. Thanks to the leasing model, the client can spread operational expenses over many years, while benefiting from the installation all along and freeing up new investment margins for its business.

The global offering with financing is a key advantage of Blue Pearl Energy and its SMEs in the energy services market. We have the unique ability to finance projects on behalf of clients from a few tens of thousands of euros to several million euros. This allows our clients to optimize their cash flow and free up new investment capital.

Contacts Press

Jonathan Collings | Alesia Communications 
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About Blue Pearl Energy

Blue Pearl Energy was founded in early 2020 by experienced industry executives with the aim of developing a European B2B energy services platform. The Blue Pearl platform brings together and supports the development of complementary SMEs and offers to its customers comprehensive, competitive, reliable and long-term energy efficiency solutions, enabling them to meet the challenges of the energy transition. Supported by the 3rd pan-European infrastructure fund of DWS, one of the world’s leading asset managers, Blue Pearl Energy plans to invest 600 million euros and complete around 20 company acquisitions by 2025. Blue Pearl Energy has €90M in turnover and employs over 300 people.

About Ventimeca

The Ventimeca group, based in Haute-Savoie, was founded in 1979 by Mr Walid KEDDARI, and taken over by his son Mr Ylies KEDDARI in 2002. With more than 130 employees and a turnover of €22M, the group Ventimeca provides climatic & thermal engineering equipment and services. The Ventimeca group has its own production workshop for circular and rectangular ventilation ducts, which has been a major asset of the group for more than 40 years.

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