Blue Pearl Energy wishes you all the best for 2023

Our clients

Blue Pearl Energy wishes you a great year 2023, under the sign of the energy and environmental transition.

The Blue Pearl platform has grown a lot in 2022 and gathers 15 companies and nearly 50 branches in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Spain. We now represent nearly 300 million euros in turnover and more than 1000 employees. This size and solidity is a strength that is rooted in each of the platform’s SMEs, which retain their agility and responsiveness to serve our clients.
2023 will remain a year strongky impacted by the energy crisis and the crucial need to improve the energy performance of any installation. Blue Pearl is able to accompany you on these subjects and to propose you solutions which guarantee you to reduce your consumptions and to accelerate your energetic and environmental transition.

We will be delighted to accompany you in 2023, do not hesitate to contact us.

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