Blue Pearl Energy implements a CO2 heat pump to drastically reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions at the Ibis Hotel in Saint-Émilion

Press release

The context

The French network FHI owns and operates a portfolio of hotels in France, among which the franchisee Ibis hotel in Saint-Émilion, in the south-west of France.

The hotel’s domestic hot water was being produced by an aging gas boiler, with limited reliability and insufficient energy efficiency. FHI therefore required a high-performance solution to replace this old equipment, in line with the company’s overall energy improvement plan developed to meet France’s latest energy efficiency and carbon regulations known as the “Décret Tertiaire”, which this hotel must comply with (its surface being greater than 1,000m2).

To deliver the project, FHI contracted Alcad Clim, a subsidiary of Blue Pearl Energy, which has been a trusted partner of FHI for the installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment for many years.

The solution

Alcad Clim and Blue Pearl Energy evaluated various solutions for replacing the existing gas boiler and settled on the installation of a CO2 heat pump, a competitive option that was selected by FHI.

For the Ibis Hotel in Saint-Émilion, this solution offers the advantage of allowing for a major reduction in final energy consumption and CO2 emissions within the framework of the Décret Tertiaire.

The benefits of the solution are:

  • – 32% reduction in overall energy consumption
  • – 65% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • – 6% reduction in the overall energy bill
  • The use of an HFC-free refrigerant

“We are very satisfied with the innovative solution proposed by our partner Alcad Clim-Blue Pearl Energy. This solution enables us to carry out most of the energy reduction program we set up to meet the 2030 deadline of the Décret Tertiaire. It also guarantees a high level of operational reliability to produce domestic hot water for the benefit of our customers, while generating savings on our annual energy bill”, declared Nicolas Burguière, FHI Operations and Development Director at FHI.

Installed power: 33 kW and two 2,500-liter tanks
Installation time: July 2021
Contractor: Alcad Clim
Contract value: 78 k€
Financing: Equity of the customer

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