Kalitec partners with innovative energy services platform Blue Pearl Energy

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With the integration of Kalitec to its network of specialized SMEs, Blue Pearl Energy is expanding its presence in the South-West of France in the HVAC sector.

Kalitec, a company specializing in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) for professionals in the tertiary and industrial sector, has announced its integration into Blue Pearl Energy, an innovative European B2B energy services platform. Launched in 2020, Blue Pearl Energy brings together complementary SMEs in the energy services sector within a powerful network allowing them to accelerate their growth by accessing larger projects and benefit from the synergies of the platform. Kalitec is the 6th HVAC company to join Blue Pearl Energy since its launch.

Founded in 2010 by Hervé Méric and Arnaud Amalric, and employing more than 25 people, Kalitec is located in Bordeaux and Toulouse. It specializes in the areas of installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems for professional customers, particularly in the tertiary, health, industry, food and beverage sectors including wineries.

“We were convinced by Blue Pearl Energy’s unique model, which allows the SMEs in its network to benefit from powerful development levers while maintaining great autonomy in the field as well as their own identity. We are all very excited to embark on this next stage of our growth by welcoming Blue Pearl Energy as a key partner and shareholder. Thanks to our presence in Toulouse and Bordeaux, we will be able to strengthen the national network of Blue Pearl with effective teams in place throughout the South-West region”, comments Hervé Méric, CEO and founder of Kalitec.

Blue Pearl’s business model involves taking a stake in the capital of the SMEs integrating its network. The owners and managers of the SMEs on the platform continue to manage their local entities while actively participating in the development of the Blue Pearl Energy, in which they also become shareholders.

“We are delighted that Kalitec has chosen to join Blue Pearl. Its significant know-how in climate engineering and the significant portfolio of clients it has in key sectors make them a new high-quality partner for our network. In particular, we would like to warmly welcome to the governance of Blue Pearl Energy Hervé Méric, CEO and founder of Kalitec, Arnaud Amalric, its associate director of operations in Toulouse and Grégory Marrier, associate director in Bordeaux. The considerable expertise they have acquired over decades of experience in technical, commercial and management functions in energy services is a new asset of great value for Blue Pearl,” concludes Éric de Seguins Pazzis, Co-founder and CEO of Blue Pearl.


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About Blue Pearl Energy

Blue Pearl Energy was founded in early 2020 by a group of experienced executives in the energy services sector, with the aim of developing a European platform for B2B energy services. The Blue Pearl Energy platform is independent and supports the development of SMEs with complimentary skill sets, in order to offer its customers energy efficiency solutions that are comprehensive, competitive, reliable and long-term, thereby enabling them to rise to the challenges of the global energy transition. Supported by the 3rd infrastructure fund from DWS, one of the biggest asset management firms in the world, Blue Pearl Energy plans to invest €600 million to complete some twenty acquisitions over the course of the next five years.

About Kalitec

Created in 2010 in Toulouse, KALITEC has never ceased to successfully bring added value to the climate engineering projects of its customers in the tertiary, health and industrial sectors. Today, with two subsidiaries in Toulouse and Bordeaux, our teams bring all the advantages of a simple and direct relationship with their clients. In constant search for innovation (BIM, Lean management, etc.), efficiently organized and with solid technical knowledge, our experts bring their considerable expertise to deliver great achievements. Flexible and responsive SMEs, KALITEC’s companies also know how to adapt themselves to their customers’ needs.

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